Panic in the Streets (US, 1950) Richard Widmark stars as a doctor helping the police investigate the death of a foreigner, right off the boat in New York City, carrying the plague. Taut and entertaining. Proof that they don’t make them like they used to.

 The Calamari Wrestler (Japan, 2004) Giant Squid vs Octopus vs Lobster. Through exposure to a toxic virus, a promising young wrestler becomes a giant squid. Several years later he comes back to the ring, still as a giant squid, to reclaim his title and his fiancée. The only way for the current title holder (our hero’s original rival) to fight him is to expose himself to the same virus and become an octopus. Lots of that absurd Japanese fun. Plus a twist at the end.

Topkapi (US?, 1964) A jewel caper in sparkling Istanbul. The job is to steal the Topkapi emeralds. An impossible job. Loaded with stars and glitter and banter and fun. Though Melina Mercouri was unappealing to me, her features seemed too big for her face, the men in the movie all loved her. Check this one out.